IT Solution Design
IT Solution Design
Mytel is an IT architecture and design practice, with 20 years of experience designing enterprise solutions for our clients.
Server and Serverless Cloud IT
Server and Serverless Cloud IT
Mytel can design and deploy solutions to your private cloud and on-premise data centre, support you with a migration to cloud, or design a cloud-new serverless environment.
Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance
Mytel Security is a dedicated CCTV and security division. We consult and design at significant scale, and supply and install the latest CCTV and intruder alarm technologies.

Imagine, Design, Secure

A consultancy that helps your bottom line and your perimeter line.

Who We Are

Mytel Group is a UK communications and security practice

that specialises in IT architecture, information security and physical

security, with over 20 years of industry experience.

Our Creative Process

Strategy & Planning

Take a look across your business and start to make IT work for you. Out with the old, in with the new and on with running your business.


Design & Develop

We're a design team by trade. It's what we do.

Let us understand the problem and we'll develop you a solution that makes or saves you money.


Testing & Launching

We can embed into your mobilisation process and oversee testing and launch to ensure our collective vision is realised.


Our Work

Mytel has been providing IT & communciations services for over 20 years.

We take care of your IT architecture so that you can take care of what you do best - running your business. From strategy and planning, to solution design and development, IT governance and security, and mobilisation, test and launch, we have your whole process covered.

What We Do

We provide end-to-end IT solution design and delivery,

security and surveillance services, automation

and much more...

IT Design

All aspects of IT design, from front office, e-commerce & digital marketing, to collaboration, communications, back office & ERP.


Security & Surveillance

Information security, physical security, safety and surveillance technologies are things you don't need to think about. Allow us. 



Technical solutions the work autonymously, providing integration between you and your customers, and responding when you need it.


Our Clients

We've worked across all sectors including construction, ecommerce, insurance,

finance & banking, fast moving consumer goods, digital marketing, aviation,

healthcare, retail and many more. Explore a few, below...


Consumer Goods


Let's Work Together

Invite a consultant into your business today.

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